Port Highlight: Bora Bora

Welcome to my first Port Highlight post. In these posts I’ll pick some of my favourite ports and places that I’ve visited, and I’ll tell you a bit about my time there. Today I’ll be giving you a little insight into the beautiful port of Bora Bora.

How it All Began

Welcome to my new blog. This is my first post, and here I’ll be telling you about how I came to work on a cruise ship and the processes I had to go through to do so. I hope you enjoy!

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Hi everyone, In late 2014 I joined my very first cruise ship working as a shop assistant. Since then I've worked on eight different ships across five different cruise lines. I always intended to start a blog but while I scribbled down my thoughts here and there, and took plenty of photos, there was always... Continue Reading →

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